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Do’s and Dont’s While Taking a Car Insurance

What is a car Insurance?

Well, in today’s world owning a vehicle is as simple as buying a candy. Most of the people using either two wheeler or a four wheeler as a mode of transport. So, it is very important to start an insurance policy to our car. Car Insurance is just a contract between the car owner and an insurance company. Here the insurance company will make a bond, in which you agree that you will pay a premium at fixed time intervals and then if any damage or theft happened to your car, the company will pay for your losses as per the rules and regulations you have signed at the time of contract. This Car Insurance provides property, liability and Medical coverage.


These car Insurance policies and guidelines will be different from one another so we have to be very careful while taking a car insurance. And mainly don’t trust any agents or brokers to get insured, most of the time you will get in the hands of fraud ones. So, here I will give you what are the do’s and Dont’s that you have to analyse before taking a car insurance.

Benefits You Get for Insured Car?

  • Coverage for any loss or damage to the vehicle.
  • Personal Accident Coverage.
  • Insurance cover will be applicable for the damage to a car due to accident, fire, Theft, explosion, riots, self-ignition etc.,

DO’s and Dont’s while taking a car Insurance:



  1. There is no rule that you can take your vehicle insurance from the vehicle dealer. You can buy this from anyone you trust or you can directly consult a company.
  2. If you take insurance from the vehicle dealer then make sure that you only fill the proposal form.
  3. Give your genuine details in the Proposal form. You must be careful and Factual While filling it.
  4. Before signing the bond, read the rules and regulations thoroughly to put away bias in the future.
  5. Keep a copy of the proposal form and your records.
  6. Read the entire policy structure to know what is covered in it and what is not.
  7. Get the information about add-on covers which will help you in choosing what policy suits you well.
  8. Submit the documents like RC book, Driving license and Permit to Insurance company and get Verified.
  9. Ensure that you keep these documents updated from the authorities concerned.



  1. Fill the form yourself, don’t allow any others interference.
  2. Never leave some columns in the form it will be difficult to companies to identify you perfectly.
  3. Don’t forgetKeep renewing your policy without any break in the regular intervals specified.
  4. Fake details are not entertained, sometimes you will be imprisoned for that, so be aware.
  5. Never make false declarations about the actual use of the vehicle you are insuring.

Final Words:

So, friends, these are the do’s and dont’s to remember while taking a car insurance. Read the above guidelines and always make sure the company you choose to get insured is a government recognised and registered one. Hope this article will make you know what to do and what not to while taking a car insurance. Keep visiting our website for more details.