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Top Car Insurance Calculator Apps

Whenever you buy a car it is must to do calculations regarding insurance of car. You have to consider the premium of different third party car insurance providers. Don’t worry; you don’t have to search for different third party Insurance providers and their premium. With the help of smartphones you can search and differentiate between third party insurance providers and then decide which insurance provider to go for. You should also do insurance of your car as it will provide you the entire damage whenever it is damaged. There are many apps available for calculating the insurance premium of different insurance providers. Let’s look at them now.

Oriental Insurance Company

It is a very leading insurance firm which is liked by most of the people for insurance. It has released an app in which you can calculate your premium. Not only premium of car is calculated in this app it is used for calculating for premium of travel and motor sector. When you have this app you don’t have to go to dealers and all for knowing the premium. It is a trustable app and has a very good interface. The app is not that heavy so it won’t hang your device. It is built both for ioS and android. You can download this app from play store like the other app tutuapp pokemon go for free for android and ios devices and then use it for knowing the car premium.

NIC Policy Renewal

National Insurance Company is biggest insurance provider in India. You can use the app to know about its premium and you can even renew the insurance on the app. You can even apply for your car insurance and pay the premium also. The payment is secured. The money receipt is generated upon payment of premium and you can save your receipt. You will even be mailed insurance policy receipts on your mail id. The app is very light weight so it won’t affect hang your device. You can easily download from Google Play Store and then start using for knowing your car premium.

Vehicle Insurance Calculator

It is an app developed by Agent Empower and compares the premium of different insurance providers. It presents the policies of different car insurance companies in a very presentable manner. Especially New India Insurance is the main insurance provider which Vehicle Insurance Calculator focuses on. It is a very easy to use and has a very splendid UI. The app is really liked by a lot of people. You can use it for knowing the best Insurance provider and you will get the best damage cover for your vehicle.

We have looked at three car insurance calculator apps. All the three calculator apps are good to use and are very user-friendly. All the three apps are really good and will provide you detailed view of the premium of third party insurance providers. No, we will look at 2 more car insurance calculator apps which will really help you in finding perfect third party insurance provider for your car. We will be describing in detail the tits and bits of the 2 more insurance calculator apps.

Policy Bazaar

It is a very good app used for observing the premium of different premium providers. Different insurance plans are available for 2 and 4 wheelers. These plans are available in the app. The app is very user-friendly and has a very good interface. You can download this app from Google Play Store. Also you can use it for calculating premium from different third party premium providers. You will definitely get the full damage cover after the damage. It has good UI.

IL Insure

ICICI Lombard is out with this new mobile app and with the help of its app you can compare different premium. You can even renew the policy on the app only and also you can pay the premium through the app only. The payment is quite secured. The app is very User friendly and you can easily use it without any hassle. The app is really nice and you can go for this app as it has good rating in Google Play Store.


As a result , We have seen almost 4 car insurance calculator apps. All apps are very good and are especially relevant to this car insurance apps. You should always go for insurance of your car because it is very important to get back your damage cover after the damage. If you are really using these apps you will get to know about the best third party insurance provider and you will really find one with the help of these car insurance paid apps. Even you can pay for premium with the help of these apps and you can even renew the insurance. You can even download the receipt and save it in your device consequently for free. So, what are you waiting for? Finally Use these apps and find the best third party insurance provider and all the best!!

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